Will my dents come back?  No.  This misconception comes from the collision repair industry.  When you bondo a ding you first grind the paint to bare metal and spread plastic filler into the lowest part.  This drys and is sanded down some and sent to the paint shop.  When you take your car home the plastic filler and new paint are drying at different rates.  Overtime this will cause problems that you can see in certain lighting.

How much does PDR cost?  Every dent and ding is different.  We take into consideranton the size, depth, location and type of metal.  You will receive a detailed estimate based on what we learn during our consultation.  Remember, inexpensive PDR is always suspect unless its your close relative or friend.

Can you repair my scratches?  If you have minor scuffs and paint transfer we can help.  If the scratches can be felt with a finger nail they might be too deep.  This will all be addressed in a quick consultation.

Will the paint be damaged?  No, one of the biggest benefits of PDR is saving the impossible to match factory paint color.  This modern paint is very flexible and if the paint is not already damaged there is no danger to the paint.

Do I need a rental?  Not for minor damage typical repairs are done in a day.  With large jobs like hail we will set this up with your insurance provider.

How long do the repairs take?  It really does vary quite a bit.  Small door-dings in the easiest of locations can take moments once set up.  Larger more complicated damage will take hours.  Storm damage like hail could take days.  Any repairs not done with PDR are going to take weeks with hail it will be months before you have your car back.

What  methods of payment do you accept?  We accept all major cards, personal checks and cash.  There is a discount for cash.

How is PDR or Paint-less Dent Removal done? It is a very simple concept to understand but exponentially difficult to preform and even harder to master.   Like many crafts the years of experience really matter.  We access the rear of the dent by taking apart various trims and panels. Once access is gained we choose from hundreds of combinations of tips, from sharp to blunt and many forms of leverage. Here the massage begins.  We simply move the metal to pre accident condition.  This does sound easy but don’t try at home.  Seriously.

My insurance carrier said I should go to their “Preferred” shop, do I have to? By law you can go anywhere you choose.  They put so much effort into the psychology of “Steering” us you have to ask why.  Do they care about the quality of the repair?  Do they care about quality replacement parts?   Do they care about the residual value of your vehicle after it is repaired? They care about another years premium and controlling their costs.