dentout can remove hail damage and nasty dents

We work around your busy lifestyle. We can easily schedule morning or night. Most repairs are done in one day. In the case of storm damage like hail we can get you in a rental and provide pick up and drop off service from the office or home. White glove service is our goal.
No it will not. This is a common misconception that will never happen with PDR. In the past to fix dents they grind your paint down to the metal then add plastic filler in its place. It is this plastic filler shrinking after paint is applied too quickly that causes problems. In the hurried world of the mega collision centers the only way to survive is to rush them through.
An apprenticeship in PDR starts out with the new and used car dealers. It is on these cars where you practice fixing dents. The consequence of mistakes is lower on vehicles without owners. Nobody knows right where to look in a nicely lit garage. From there, you graduate to mega collision centers and some higher end new and specialty car stores. Here, quality and work habits start to matter a bit more. The next step is retail. Retail is the highest level of PDR. Retail is not about price alone it is a mind set and a rarity.
Pictures are very deceptive. For an accurate estimate a qualified tech must see it in person. Anyone pricing from pictures alone is making a mistake that you will pay for.

At DentOut our goal for you is a first class costumer experience.  PDR is hand crafted and not at all created equal.  Cheap repairs can be very very costly.  The value of your vehicle is at stake here. Who you choose will make a difference.  There is no better choice than Call  972-971-2861