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A really great customer with a dent in his Ferrari called today. He lives in Frisco but works in Dallas.  He has many more than one specialty cars.  I was exited to see which one he drove today.  I have removed many dings for him on several cars.  It is easy to tell which is his car in the parking lot.  At a quick glance of his Ferrari California there is no obvious damage.  I Never did find a real dent.  I did find a small scuff mark that was not supposed to be there.  He treated me to lunch for not charging him for the service call and polishing the small scuff.  I got a great steak and great business advice.  This car is amazing its a Ferrari California in race red. It  is a future Classic for sure. They are using aluminum alloys that are very different than new steel alloys.  It is hard metal to dent, but when you do Make sure your dent tech has experience removing dents from cars like Maserati, Audi and Tesla to name a few. The new alloys are so great for lowering the mass.  It is fun to have a new challenge in the craft of paintless dent removal and repair.