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The first Tesla Model X with a dent in Dallas.  It was only a small door ding in the right rear xwing door.  It is the first model X that I have seen and first I have repaird.  When I got the call to head down by SMU in highland park I knew it was a Tesla that I was going to see.  I had no idea that the Model X had even hit the road yet. It really looks cool in signature red. This is really only a small ding but it posed quite a few challenges. first being the way the doors open makes it hard to hold it in place for enough for access.   Next is that dents in aluminum need a bit of extra effort. this alloy is even different from German and Italian auto makers metal. I do really enjoy a challenge,  especially for a customer who really wants and appreciates quality. This model X is so spacious inside. Some of the features are really amazing too.  Elon Musk has struck a cord with Tesla motors.  The range and power on this one must be huge,  its designation was P90D that just sounds tough.  Seating for at least 6 or 7 and still room for stuff.  This bad boy is going to be something special.  I need a ride in Ludicrous mode pronto.  Next Tesla with a dent gets fixed for free if I get a Ludicrous  mode ride. 0 to 60 in like 2.9 secs is just bananas. Cross country is going to be tough but who cares with power like that.