“PDR” or paintless dent repair is the first and best choice for hail damage and door dings

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Very high quality paintless dent repair in Frisco,Plano,Allen,Dallas to name a few.  Dents dings and creases can be removed without painting, even on body lines and in aluminum.  Dont wait get the ugly dent out of your new car today.

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The craftsman accesses the dent from the underside. We carefully works the metal back into shape without bondo and mismatched paint
The cost of the repair if done wrong can damage the value of the entire vehicle. Every dent and ding is different. We take into consideration the size, depth, location and type of metal. Considering that we put your car back to pre-accident condition, PDR is priceless.
It varies, small dents in easy to access locations can be removed while you watch. Larger damaged areas with many complications can take hours. All this can be quickly determined with a proper consultation.
After a quick assessment there will be no confusion about your best course of action. Contact us first to determine whether the cost is less then your deductible and CarFax reporting.