“PDR” or paintless dent repair is the first and best choice for hail damage and door dings

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Very high quality paintless dent repair in Frisco,Plano,Allen,Dallas to name a few.  Dents dings and creases can be removed without painting, even on body lines and in aluminum.  Dont wait get the ugly dent out of your new car today.

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The craftsman accesses the dent from the underside. We carefully works the metal back into shape without bondo and mismatched paint
The cost of the repair if done wrong can damage the value of the entire vehicle. Every dent and ding is different. We take into consideration the size, depth, location and type of metal. Considering that we put your car back to pre-accident condition, PDR is priceless.
It varies, small dents in easy to access locations can be removed while you watch. Larger damaged areas with many complications can take hours. All this can be quickly determined with a proper consultation.
After a quick assessment there will be no confusion about your best course of action. Contact us first to determine whether the cost is less then your deductible and CarFax reporting.

Bad Paintless Dent Removal Stinks!

A bad paintless dent repair is like a bad plumber it stinks. PDR is hand crafted and takes years to perfect. Make sure the technician is willing to look at your damage in person. Cheap repairs are always suspect.

Paintless dent repair service areas include.  Dallas, Frisco, Allen, Fairview, Richardson, Plano, Garland, Flower Mound, Addison, Grapvine, Mckinnny, Uptown, Highland Park, Universty Park, Lucas, The Colony, Prosper, Farmers Branch, Coppell, Trophy Club, Southlake, Highland Village, Colleyville, Euless, Irving, Melissa, Rowlett, Sunnyvale, Louisville, Carrollton, Little Elm, Mesquite, Oak Cliff, Lake Wood, Preston Hollow, Lake Highlands.

The craft of Paintless dent removal has been around for many years.  Early on the automobile manufacturers would metal bump any dings.  Over time those assembly workers got more skilled.  Now every manufacturing and assembly plant has at least on tech on all the time.  When a hailstorm hits many PDR techs come from around the globe to help in repairs.  It is entirely possible that your new car could have been damaged by a huge storm and been repaired by our company.  There are many levels of Paintless dent repair and our high level of quality is often times the same price.  With hail damage on your car you are paying a deductible anyway so why not use the best.  Much like doctors your co pay is the same for a quack as it is for the really good one.  In the mid eighties dent wizard founder xxxxxx came to the United States.  He began the side of our business that services car dealers.  Every car dealer has a dent tech working for them every week.  Some large and busy stores have even hired PDR techs to go “in house”.  Most of the work done is typical door dings on the side panels like fenders doors and the rear quarters.  This damage is caused by inconsiderate people in the parking lot of your local grocery stores. Children and there bicycles are also a good source for dents on the side panels of cars.  Over the course of over twenty years repairing smaller damage we have really elevated the art of Paintless dent repair to the point that we can remove very large damage.  Here are some examples.  Many people know about PDR but few know that it is possible to repair some of this terrible and large dents.  It takes many years of training the best tools and a proper attitude if all three line up then you have a good tech.  Hail damage on cars from thunderstorms is similar.  Some can only fix small light hail and the great PDR guys can fix things that the insurance adjuster said need to have the roof cut off.  Good Paintless dent repair should be priced above the cost of repainting a vehicle.  Cars cost so much these days that it is an investment in a sense, it’s value can go up or down based on things that you do.  A car that has been completely repainted from hail will be worth 20% less when you go to trade.  Used car managers are very shrewd and are paid to catch this very thing.  Same with a lease, PDR has saved many people from huge charges for dents and diminished value.  The factory paint is applied by robots in a clean room free of any contamination, and still flaws happen.  Now think about how dirty a body shop is, right not even close to clean.  Modern collision mega stores work on very thin margin, to make money you become a number.  Another good reason to avoid this pit fall that your carrier is steering you twords.  What is best for you and your car is second or third on the list of priorities in this equation.  Not only about cost, some of the worst choices we have seen over the years where actually less expensive yet done anyway?  Had the customers been involved in the least when the discussion took place this would have never happened.  All this being said it comes down to choosing the right fit for you body shop or Paintless dent repair company there are good and bad people to do business with.  Given the opportunity to work or craft for you, you have a promise of an exceptional PDR repair.  Delivered with the best customer experience available in town.